16:39:26[Parsonsda] alittle shocker
16:39:29[Parsonsda] urrr
16:39:45[Parsonsda] i ask my m8 where he was getting all the images about mod text from
16:40:06[Parsonsda] turns out he a part of the jagex research team...
16:40:33[Chess1242] sure
16:40:43[Chess1242] and mark gerhard is my uncle
16:40:47[Parsonsda] so officaly i know 1 j-mod, just not a ingame or a important one
16:41:36[Parsonsda] so basicly he not a j-mod that gives any info, he gose out reseaching
16:41:48[Parsonsda] he called Mod Richard
16:42:09[Parsonsda] so im basicly saying
16:42:19[Parsonsda] if u work at jagex, u wont always get mod powers
16:42:26[KolakCC] Can I start a poll
16:42:34[Parsonsda] where?
16:42:38[KolakCC] Who believes parsons: 0 others: 1
16:42:52[Parsonsda] u know what
16:42:59[Parsonsda] this topic so dull
16:43:06[Parsonsda] i cant even talk about it
16:43:24[Parsonsda] he just a researcher....lame...
16:43:50[Chess1242] lol
16:43:56[Parsonsda] 1 min
16:44:08[Chess1242] that's funny considering that you are spending your life trying to talk to jmods
16:45:10[Parsonsda] <@Richard-> yer it may sound lame, but i get out the office more, it not always about in game, i get to go around the world, now that what i call a job ;)
16:45:32[@Fumika] er...?
16:45:37» KolakCC needs more non-senile people on #wikia-runescape
16:45:48[Parsonsda] 1 more thing
16:45:51[bull] parsons never ceases to amaze
16:45:55[bull] nobody else talks like that
16:46:02[bull] learn English before trying to write in it
16:46:07[KolakCC] Oh, so this Richard- speaks parsonsish too?
16:46:24[Chess1242] kolakcc
16:46:29[Chess1242] parsonsish is spoken worldwide
16:46:36[Parsonsda] <+Parsonsda> Richard, your a noob
16:46:46[Parsonsda] <@Richard-> i know =p
16:46:46[@Fumika] What channel is this in?
16:46:51[Parsonsda] #tendo
16:46:51[Chess1242] rofl
16:47:11[KolakCC] -_-
16:47:24[Chess1242] amg
16:47:42[Chess1242] richard really is in #tendo
16:47:43[Chess1242] amg
16:47:44[KolakCC] Okay, i feel a massive headache building up
16:47:48[KolakCC] i'm getting out of here
16:47:49[Parsonsda] its in the swiftkit server
16:48:03[@Fumika] What's the address for that?
16:48:09[Chess1242] noob kolak
16:48:11[Parsonsda] (6667)
16:48:12[Chess1242] I was being sarcastic
16:48:29[KolakCC] yeh, i realize that nopw
16:49:06[Parsonsda] it /server
16:50:49[@Fumika] I see no Parsons
16:51:05[Chess1242] I see no parsons either
16:52:55[Parsonsda] btw
16:53:00[Parsonsda] that irc for max players
16:53:07[Chess1242] orly
16:53:09[Parsonsda] elvis there is the leader
16:53:16[Parsonsda] @rsn elvis
16:53:18[Chess1242] and since when are you maxed
16:53:22[KolakCC] ^
16:53:26[Parsonsda] he helps me
16:53:33[Parsonsda] he knowns all about skills
16:53:36[ohboyohboy] is nifky heer it dusnt say afk nemore
16:53:38[Chess1242] because you are so close to getting maxed?
16:53:41[Chess1242] like
16:53:48[Chess1242] only 1000 levels away
16:53:58[Parsonsda] u should see him in the highscore
16:54:11[@Fumika] @stats elvis
16:54:11[Chess1242] I know who elvis is.
16:54:12[+RuneScript] *** [ ELVIS ]: does not appear in the high scores list.
-snip bot spam & st00f-
   16:58:05[Parsonsda] (15:57:42) <+Parsonsda> !cash
16:58:05[Parsonsda] (15:57:42) <Onzichtbaar[GE]> Parsonsda loses their car keys and has to pay for a taxi home Parsonsda loses $100. Parsonsda now has $576,528 Rank: 47/3881.
16:58:23[KolakCC] OKAY
16:58:29[KolakCC] BAN PLEASE
16:58:40[Furry] Parsonsda: WHAT CODING LANGUAGES YOU KNOW??????
16:58:45[Furry] KolakCC: whar?
16:58:51[KolakCC] 16:45:10 [Parsonsda] <@Richard-> yer it may sound lame, but i get out the office more, it not always about in game, i get to go around the world, now that what i call a job ;) <--- NO TIMESTAMP
16:58:57[Chess1242] furry: none@@@
16:58:59[@Fumika] @@@ /ban *@*
16:59:02[KolakCC] (15:57:42) <Onzichtbaar[GE]> Parsonsda loses their car keys and has to pay for a taxi home Parsonsda loses $100. Parsonsda now has $576,528 Rank: 47/3881. <-- TIMESTAMP
16:59:02[KolakCC] OKAY
16:59:04[KolakCC] BAN PLEASE
16:59:05[Parsonsda] urrr i dont have time
16:59:10[Parsonsda] no joke
16:59:16[Parsonsda] i dont use them in my swiftkit
16:59:22[KolakCC] .......................................
16:59:26[@Fumika] Ewww swiftkit
16:59:35[KolakCC] You timestamped one
16:59:36[ohboyohboy] ^
16:59:38[KolakCC] but not the other?
16:59:39[Furry] Wath
16:59:40[KolakCC] suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
16:59:42[Furry] parsons
16:59:56[Furry] what fucking coding languages you know
16:59:58[Parsonsda] btw guys
17:00:07[Furry] before I force-feed you perl coding
17:00:10[Parsonsda] swiftkit got 1 new feture
17:00:19[Parsonsda] u know chat logs
17:00:23» @Fumika doesn't use swiftkit, nor does he care for it
17:00:29[@Fumika] I keep some :P
17:00:31[Parsonsda] i can now use chatlogs!
17:00:36[Parsonsda] shall i set it up
17:00:42[Furry] idk
17:00:50[@Fumika] Evilbot already has logs, and a lot of people log :o
17:00:59[Furry] why dont u tell me what languages you know
17:01:07[KolakCC] so you had no chat logs, yet you were able to conjure up some other logs with no timestamps?
17:01:15[Parsonsda] wanna see prrof
17:01:20[giggle] i log all of Fumika's conspiracy's against Libya
17:01:26[Parsonsda] i havent got time stamp
17:01:27[@Fumika] He does
17:01:31[Chess1242] parsonsda
17:01:31[Chess1242] <Chess1242> Hi, I just want to figure out if Parsonsda is lying or not. Did you ever say the following:
17:01:32[Chess1242] <Chess1242> <@Richard-> yer it may sound lame, but i get out the office more, it not always about in game, i get to go around the world, now that what i call a job ;)
17:01:32[Chess1242] <Chess1242> Because that sounds more like parsons
17:01:32[Chess1242] <Richard-> i never said that
17:01:32[Parsonsda] watch
17:01:34[Chess1242] <Richard-> what is that
17:01:34[Furry] Parsonsda: pls pls pls tell me
17:01:36[@Fumika] :o Parson's bot is on the ban list
17:01:36[Parsonsda] ill copy
17:01:38[Chess1242] <Richard-> ?
17:01:38[Parsonsda] what u say
17:01:40[Chess1242] gtfo now
17:01:46[Parsonsda] <Furry> Parsonsda: pls pls pls tell me
17:01:46[Parsonsda] <@Fumika> :o Parson's bot is on the ban list
17:01:46[Parsonsda] <Parsonsda> ill copy
17:01:46[Parsonsda] <Parsonsda> what u say
17:01:46[Parsonsda] <Chess1242> <Richard-> ?
17:01:47[giggle] gf
17:01:47[Parsonsda] <Chess1242> gtfo now
17:01:55[KolakCC] GF
17:02:01[Parsonsda] do u see timestamp?
17:02:07[KolakCC] BAN@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
17:02:08[Furry] Parsonsda: screenshot
17:02:10[Parsonsda] ok
17:02:13[Parsonsda] wait for screenshot
17:02:15[Furry] thats proof kthx
17:02:17[Furry] no
17:02:18[Furry] now
17:02:25[Parsonsda] uploading...
17:02:39[@Fumika] Odd, *!Richard@ is banned from Parson's IP
17:02:46[Furry] wath
17:02:56[bull] he used to use that nick to get around bans
17:03:05[Parsonsda] ?
17:03:09[Parsonsda] what?
17:03:31[Furry] parsonssss
17:03:34[Furry] i has an idea
17:03:42[Furry] you get teamviewer
17:03:55[Furry] you log out of rs so I dont tempt myself
   17:03:55[Parsonsda] no, and no u aint useing my pc
17:04:08[Furry] and you let me see ur screen to confirm
17:04:15[Furry] i dun wanna use ur pc
17:04:22[Parsonsda] what screen do u need?
17:04:53[Furry] The swiftkit one, ye could easily have fixed it
17:05:18[Parsonsda] ah ha found out how to put time on
17:05:55[Furry] then wherr did u get timestamped message earlier
17:05:59[KolakCC] if you just now found how how to put time on, how did you just have times on the logs from just a second ago?
17:06:01[Chess1242] parsonsda
17:06:07[Parsonsda] it on now
17:06:12[Chess1242] I already asked Richard if he ever said those or not
17:06:18[Chess1242] and he said no
17:06:23[Chess1242] so stop wasting our time.
17:06:30[Parsonsda] there ur proof
17:06:51[Furry] can we see what the timestamps look like?
17:07:02[Parsonsda] screenshot or paste?
17:07:14[Furry] screen
17:08:14[Furry] well well
17:08:31[Furry] they're in the format (H:M:s)
17:08:40[Parsonsda] yer
17:08:44[KolakCC] not to mention the fact that it's actually missing a (
17:08:45[Parsonsda] i also turn on my logging
17:09:06[Furry] Parsonsda: (15:57:42) <Onzichtbaar[GE]> Parsonsda loses their car keys and has to pay for a taxi home Parsonsda loses $100. Parsonsda now has $576,528 Rank: 47/3881.
17:09:22[Furry] iirc, you're in england, yes?
17:09:29[Parsonsda] yer
17:09:36[giggle] furry, just give it up
17:09:42[Furry] nooooo
17:09:44[Furry] its fun
17:09:46[Chess1242] furry
17:10:05[Furry] oic
17:10:13[bull] baslat
17:10:18[@Fumika] Chess1242: Blue buble thing is half-op status
17:10:29[Chess1242] what is half-op? O_o
17:10:29[Furry] XD y-chat
17:10:34[Chess1242] bull: baslat
17:10:36[bull] some op abilities
17:10:38[bull] not others
17:10:40[Chess1242] s=/=s
17:10:44[Parsonsda] (16:09:03) <@Richard-> Parsonsda fake logs not cool bro
17:10:44[Parsonsda] (16:09:03) <@Richard-> L
17:10:49[Parsonsda] thanks alot
17:11:00[Furry] Chess1242: kick/ban below op
17:11:01[@Fumika] lol
17:11:19[Furry] but cant kick +o or above
17:11:26[Furry] +q is teh beaat
17:11:28[Furry] *beast
17:11:29[KolakCC] .......
17:11:37[KolakCC] "ok im here to say to all users on runescape wiki how sorry and upset i am, runescape wiki is my life i love images and coding and here the things you all like to hear"
17:11:46[KolakCC] wut coding languages do you know, parsons?
17:11:56[Parsonsda] (16:11:02) <Richard-> just say sorry
17:11:59[Parsonsda] ...
17:12:04[Parsonsda] Sorry for leing guys
17:12:16[@Fumika] *lying
17:12:21[Furry] you get a ~ with +q
17:12:25[Furry] it r funnn
17:12:26[Parsonsda] ill leave
17:12:40[bull] week's ban
17:12:53[Chess1242] <Richard-> [16:11] <Parsonsda> psst
17:12:54[Chess1242] <Richard-> [16:11] <Parsonsda> sorry about that, im trying to get rid of them
17:12:54[Chess1242] <Richard-> [16:11] <Parsonsda> they wont stop bulliting me
17:12:54[Chess1242] <Richard-> [16:11] <Parsonsda> sorry about that :(
17:12:54[Chess1242] <Richard-> [16:11] <Richard-> maybe if you didn't make up stuff they would like you ;P
17:12:54[Chess1242] <Richard-> dont show
17:12:58[Chess1242] <Richard-> ;p
17:12:59[Furry] XD
17:13:00[Chess1242] ^lol
17:13:03[KolakCC] LOL
17:13:07[KolakCC] this is so fucking funny
17:13:17[KolakCC] one second, compiling a documentary about parsons
17:13:21[Furry] k
17:13:23[@Fumika] :o I'm not seeing any messages in #tendo
   17:13:29[Furry] can i do voice for it pls
17:13:36[Chess1242] furnika
17:13:38[Chess1242] thats query
17:13:42[Chess1242] not in channel
17:13:46[@Fumika] Oh lol
17:13:56» Furry r want pie
17:13:57[Chess1242] o wait
17:13:59[Chess1242] you are fumika
17:14:03[Furry] wath
17:14:05[Chess1242] I always thought it was furnika
17:14:10[+RuneScript] *** [ YOUTUBE ]: Title: Army of Darkness quotes | Uploader: Bethelzaba (2009-06-04) | Duration: 01:25 | Views: 243,408 | Favorite: 1,126 (Likes: 752 | Dislikes: 8) | Rating: 4.957895 (760 ratings) | URL:
17:14:29[KolakCC] Chess1242: Can you post another screen of the query in its ent..irity?
17:14:34[giggle] @stats Parsonsda
17:14:37[+RuneScript] *** [ PARSONSDA ]: Overall 1,851 | Att 87 | Def 87 | Str 85 | Cns 86 | Range 67 | Pray 70 | Mage 75 | Cook 99 | WC 99 | Fletch 99 | Fish 78 | FM 62 | Craft 69 | Smith 72 | Mine 75 | Herb 54 | Agil 64 | Thieve 72 | Slay 69 | Farm 60 | RC 58 | Hunt 65 | Con 66 | Summon 54 | Dungeon 79
17:14:38[Chess1242] ya
17:14:40[Chess1242] wait a sec
17:14:50[Parsonsda] bwt just to say, call me in a hour
17:14:53[Parsonsda] for cool down
17:14:55[Parsonsda] or pm, cya
proof ->>>>>>>>