feedback is essential for every site. Feedback gives outside opinions, and new looks on subjects. This will help us get better.

What not to give feedback aboutEdit

Please don't give feedback about the following problems, because we know about them, but can't fix it.

  • The way the wiki looks since recently. We don't have any influence about that. the staff of wikia does.
  • Clearing up all stubs in the wiki. This is such a huge task, it can't be finished very quickly. We are always working on that, and we know it is a problem on the wiki

What we're working onEdit

We are currently working on the following because feedback

  • More calculators

Provide feedback here pleaseEdit

Please provide feedback in the same way as the example. The text in italics should be replaced by things that apply in your feedback

  • Username wants to provide feedback about examples and thinks that the wiki should improve making examples, because this one sucks

We want to thank you for the feedback you provided. We will try to improve the wiki as much as possible, and your feedback helps a lot with this. If you have any more feedback in the future, feel free to submit it again here.